How to decide which camp is best for a wrestler

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Written by: Matt Krumrie, MatBoss Contributor


How does a wrestling coach determine what wrestling camp is the best fit for the individual wrestler within its club or program?

Start by focusing on two major areas, says Troy Nickerson, head coach at the University of Northern Colorado and director of Troy Nickerson’s

“For younger wrestlers and those who are inexperienced, I highly recommend technique camps,” says Nickerson, who was also a five-time New York state high school champion. “At technique camp you will be able to expose yourself to various techniques from a variety of clinicians. The more exposure one has to various clinicians, the more well-rounded one’s arsenal of moves will be.”Northern Colorado Wrestling Camps. First, coaches need to look at each individual wrestler and focus on areas where they need to improve says Nickerson, a four-time NCAA All-American and 125-pound national champion at Cornell University under head coach Rob Koll.

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