How to handle transfers: A guide for high school and college coaches

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It happens in every sport, at every level: Kids transfer from one school to another.

At the high school level, there can be numerous factors. A parent moves to a new city or new state to take a new job. A family isn’t happy with a child’s current situation, so they move them from one school to another. In some cases, kids get to know other kids through clubs, national teams, or camps, and want to join them at the high school level, and decide to transfer. While that isn’t technically reason enough to transfer by state high school association guidelines, the reality is, it happens.

At the collegiate level, kids don’t fit in the way they thought they would, they get homesick, don’t feel like the program is the right opportunity for them, have off the mat issues, or realize they may not see a lot of action in the lineup, so they seek other options.

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