New upgrades make MatBoss better for 2016-17 season

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As a wrestling coach, you want — and expect — your wrestlers to constantly improve. To gain new skills. To perform better each time they step out onto the mat. In the highly competitive environment that is wrestling, maintaining the same level of performance just isn’t good enough.

That same idea of continuous improvement drives the folks at MatBoss, the product arising from a joint venture between InterMat and JP Chaos that brings together stats and video in one seamless solution that incorporates the technology of a tablet that most coaches and wrestling programs already have. The MatBoss App for iPad integrates wrestling stats directly into the video recorded for each match, eliminating the need for traditional, labor-intensive pencil-and-paper scoring.

John Peterson, former wrestling coach at Elk River High School in Minnesota for nearly three decades, is the “boss” behind MatBoss … and what he describes as new “bells and whistles.” These new features for 2016 make this already proven app even stronger and better for the upcoming season, helping coaches save even more time and labor, while gaining additional flexibility for a competitive advantage.

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