One-on-One with John Smith

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John Smith has been there and done that many times over to where if you wanted to debate whether his plain-as-milk name is synonymous with wrestling, you’d be sure to lose because, after all, there is a move named after him.

The John Smith low single is part of his sport’s lexicon, and yet he is legend for many more reasons than his namesake takedown and sublime leg attacks.

When he speaks Wednesday at lunch at Maggiano’s in Buckhead and at dinner at the Buckhead Club about how coaching has evolved in a quarter century, the Oklahoma State head coach will bring an unmatched pedigree before members of the Atlanta chapter of Wrestlers in Business.

No American wrestler has been more successful at the international level, where his 100-5 record, two Olympic gold medals and four World freestyle championships — won consecutively from 1987-’92 — stand alone in our land.

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